OLGA RIDZEVSKA Style&Beauty Academy

OLGA RIDZEVSKA Style&Beauty Academy – professional school of stylists and make-up artists, created by professional make-up artist, image designer, talented teacher and multiple Baltic Expo Beauty prize-winner Olga Ridzevska.

Courses of visagistes are developed taking into consideration advanced technologies and knowledges in make-up art area, that provides high level of training of specialists. The most part of study is practice, make-up skills training working with models that gives professional skills in the chosen specialty and allows to finish our courses as a practicing expert.

Our Team consists of experienced teachers, professional stylists and visagistes, that actively updating their methods and knowledges in fashion industry, image styles and cosmetics in order to guarantee a contemporary, up-to-date make up experience.

OLGA RIDZEVSKA Style&Beauty Academy is the Team of professionals who are high on their favourite pursuite and ready to pass the torch.